Globalization Tool: United Nations

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Globalization & the Arab Gulf


Globalization has spread out using certain instruments. The United Nations (UN) have helped either directly or indirectly in globalization. You will do some research into it using the guidelines given. This should be written as a word document.

United Nations (UN) is tool of globalization the research is showcase its role in globalizing the world.

The finalized research paper will be in this FORMAT:

  1. Introduction [100-150 words]:
  • A brief profile/ information about the globalization tool
  • How has it participated in globalization?
  • Does it have a positive or a negative impact in general?
  • Does it have a good or a bad effect on the Arab Gulf/ UAE, Briefly why?
  1. Body of your Research [500-600 words]
  • Give a brief overview of the globalization tool
  • Why is it considered globalized?
  • What is its impact on the world and on the Arab Gulf/ UAE?
  • What or who has it affected either positively or negatively?
  • Is the impact long or short term?
  • How could the negative effects be fixed? Could they?
  • What do you think could be done to improve this globalization tool?
  1. Conclusion [100-150 words]

Your own reflection and opinion about this globalization tool and whether you consider it as good or bad

Relate it to the direct and indirect dominance on the life of people in the Arab Gulf and UAE. How could it be beneficial to them?

  1. References

Any websites, online articles, online magazines, online newspapers. Used to support your work


 PowerPoint presentation

A PowerPoint (set of slides) presentation related to your researched topic will be conducted individually in class upon the deadline for this research. Each student will be allowed 10 to 15 minutes time allocation to present.

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