Field of Early Childhood


For the purpose of this assignment, imagine yourself in the following scenario:
You are chairing a committee that has been tasked with creating a mission statement for the field of early childhood-one that represents the overarching goals and perspectives of the five main sectors: Head Start; Child Care; Health and Well-Being of Children and Families; Research and Academia in the Early Childhood Field; and Public Early Childhood Education. A person new to early childhood should be able to read the mission statement you create and understand the mission of the early childhood field.

For this Application assignment, write:
A summary of the main goals of each of the five sectors
A brief explanation of the commonalities
A mission statement for the field of early childhood that respects and communicates the common connections, the overarching goals, and the various perspectives of the five sectors you studied this week
Assignment length: 1 page

1 page

APA – 1 Reference