Evolution of Health Information System


Evolution of Health Information System

Case Assignment

Over the past several decades, health care and information technology have undergone a period of dramatic change caused by a multitude of pressures and opportunities, many of which continue to persist and evolve. As we have moved into globalization of communication, technology, and information, Health Information Systems need to reflect what is happening to ensure optimal use of clinical information.

In 2 (full) pages, discuss key historical trends involving the evolution of Health Information System and respective health care environments. Describe how clinical information systems and applications can fit together to provide comprehensive care. In your discussion be sure to include both the benefits and challenges to the integration of information systems and exchange of health information. Include reference to literature, expert opinion and case examples from your research involving various health care disciplines to support your position, key points, and explanations.
Assignment Expectations

  • Your references and citations should be consistent with a particular formatting style, such as APA.
  • Your response should be based on reliable and scholarly material, such as peer-reviewed articles, white papers, technical papers, etc. Do not include information from non-scholarly materials such as wikis, encyclopedias, or www.freearticles.com (or similar websites).
  • Your response should incorporate the outcomes of the module with the requirements of this assignment.