Effectiveness of Breast Milk compared to Formula


How effective is Breast Milk compared to Formula for Premature Babies?

It should be a 7-12 page argumentative paper supplemented by research, NOT just a summary of sources.  Will cite at least four quality sources (note: to find these, you should expect to read 10-12 sources). At least three of these four sources should be scholarly sources from Academic Search Complete or other library databases.  We will be working towards the following goals as you work to write your research:

  • framing a research question
  • developing skills in locating, evaluating, and reading sources appropriate for college research
  • refining strategies for effective note taking
  • developing and support insightful, convincing arguments based on information acquired from research
  • effectively incorporating quotations, paraphrase, and summary into your writing—and documenting such material using MLA style—while maintaining your own voice
  • refining your skill in using the language of academic writing shaped with greater stylistic sophistication