Domestic Homicide Violence in Queensland, Australia

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Length: 2,500 words

Weighting: 60%


  1. choose an ineffective Australian social policy that impacts on you (or that is important to you) and write a submission to government for change that is needed in that area; or
  2. consider how an important aspect of life, for someone (in some group) is negatively affected by a social issue and write a submission to government for social policy intervention in that area; or
  3. find any current government social policy review that is asking for submissions and prepare a submission to them regarding your argument about the need for change.

In your chosen case you must consider what the current (social or policy) problem is and how new social arrangement (including social work services if appropriate) are needed to assist people to deal with it, if rights and social justice are to be achieved.

Use one of the policy analysis models from your unit readings and develop an understanding of each of the components of the model.


  • Describe the logic of the existing situation and the logic of your proposed policy approach for solving the problem.
  • Analyse how the policy situation has been affected by ideology in the past and how it should be considered if the problem is to be solved.
  • Explain how the new system after the policy implementation will be more socially just and will deal with access and equity issues
  • You might use research evidence and refer to a real or constructed case study, if needed, for making your points.
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