Develop a basic research design


This week, you will develop a basic research design, based on YOUR original topic from your literature review and problem statement assignment.

The assignment should be at least one and a half pages (double spaced), and include your name and a title for your project.

The design should describe how you will test your hypotheses. This could include qualitative and/or quantitative research strategies. Regardless of what you select, clearly describe the following:

1. What is your main research question?

2. What are your variables of interest and how are they measured? (For example:)

a. Independent variable: Sleep – measured by number of hours of sleep per night

b. Dependent variable: Coffee intake – measured by number of cups of coffee consumed per day

3. The type of data you will collect (primary or secondary? WHERE WILL THE DATA COME FROM (If secondary, which data set are you using? If primary, how will you select your sample? Will you use a random sample, convenience sample, snowball sample, etc,? Explain the procedure for accessing your sample).Will you conduct a cross-sectional or longitudinal study?

4. Will you be using qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods to analyze your data? Which type of design will you use? Describe the procedure for conducting the study. If you select an experimental design, describe the experimental sequence; If qualitative, describe the approach (ethnography, phenomenology, etc.); If mixed methods, describe the mixed methods approach (convergent, embedded, etc.); if quantitative describe how the data would be analyzed (descriptive, correlational, etc.)

2 Pages

APA – 2 References