Create a Case Study


For your Signature Assignment, you will take a step back and consider all the learnings from the course. You, the administrator, will apply all the skills you have learned in this course.

Envision yourself as the administrator of an agency/organization. For this Signature Assignment, consider that your agency has been offered to participate in a nationwide implementation of evidence-based practice. This is a nationwide implementation that will include over 50 agencies similar to yours. You may select the type of agency/organization you serve as the administrator for and the program that is presented to your organization. At a minimum, your write up should include these sections

Top of Form

Sections Explanations % of Total Grade
General Information about the Evidence-Based Practice What is evidence-based practice? What studies have been conducted on the practice? Is there support for its effectiveness? 17%
Roadmap Create a roadmap that highlights key factors in the decision to adopt the evidence-based practice. 17%
Multicultural Considerations What multicultural considerations have you, the administrator, looked into or considered. 10%
Barriers What barriers do you envision your organization will face as you adopt and implement this evidence-based practice. How will you overcome these barriers? 13%
Evaluation What measures would you propose to evaluate the evidence-based practice? Your measures should include measurement at two levels: 1. Client outcomes

2. Fidelity to the Model

Sustainability How will your agency/organization sustain this model after the pilot has completed? How will you ensure your agency/ organization can continue to use the

evidence-based practice.

Writing, length, and APA criteria   20%


Length: 10 -12 pages, not including title and reference pages

References: Include a minimum of 8 scholarly resources.

The completed assignment should address all of the assignment requirements.