CJE4710: Law Enforcement Suicide and PTSD (Criminal Justice Capstone Project)


The paper is a Criminal Justice Capstone Project. It reviews the topic of Law Enforcement Suicide and PTSD

Course Objectives
Identify and define a topic appropriate for in-depth research
Identify sources of current and reliable information
Demonstrate the ability to use journals, databases, books, and online resources to conduct research
Outline and organize a report properly for maximum effectiveness
Demonstrate the ability to write persuasively, coherently, grammatically, and structurally
Demonstrate the ability to use facts to support a viewpoint
Present an effective, clear oral report, supported with visuals of some kind
Properly cite all resources utilized

Instructor Requirements
Ensure topic pertains solidly to Criminal Justice and is not simply a social issue
Ensure the topic chosen by the student affords the student the opportunity to demonstrate critical thinking, research, and persuasive writing
Ensure the topic may be subject to proving or disproving a point, or arguing one side of a controversial topic

Student Requirements
Become familiar with and use the American Psychological Association (APA) format
Write a 15 – 20 page paper on a specific topic
Provide weekly updates and rough drafts for review
Put together a PowerPoint presentation (this is optional)

Link to the Powerpoint:Law Enforcement Suicide and PTSD PPT

20 Pages

APA – 14 References