City & Neighborhood Research Report- Detroit and Delray

by Fiverr Tutors


Provide an initial profile of Detroit, MI, and then a profile of the neighborhood, Delray. For each of the two profiles provide the information below (b-f) .

a. Introduction (for the whole report)
b. History & Location
c. Geography and Environment;- its boundaries, terrain, parks, housing, notable public spaces, parks, and other prominent physical features.
d. Demographic; – age, gender, race, change between 2000 to 2010 census, figure to illustrate the statistics
e. Economic Characteristics;- housing (price, homeownership vs. rental), transportation, income and industry, percentage of population who receive income support, unemployment rate,(for Delray compare with Detroit as whole), how much has depreciated in recent years.
f. City Government & Public Services: Type of government structure, type of public services, who are the important figures?
g. Then repeat (b.- f.) for the neighborhood Delray.
h. (**important) Special Focus Project on Delray- The New International Trade Crossing: background, what is being proposed, background, concerns/issues of community, how will this affect the future of the community?, who’s involved?
h. conclusion

*provide at least 15sources

10 Pages, double spaced