Behaviour Management and Support


The context

Schools often adopt or make strong use of particular models of discipline in their School Behaviour Management Policy and/or Plan. In Australia and many Western countries, the models of William Glasser, Ed Ford and Lee Canter have been popular. The ideas of Bill Rogers have also found their way into school plans and teacher practices. Some schools choose to take an eclectic approach, drawing on a wide variety of models, approaches and ideas while other schools choose to take a specific model approach, implementing a model in its entirety.

The assignment

Your assignment consists of two parts both of which require you to write an academic theoretically based on behaviour management in your country / State or Territory of context.

Part A: You must specifically outline which approach is the more appropriate; an eclectic or single model approach.

In presenting a case for your chosen approach you need to clearly outline a set of evaluative criteria that have been applied to make an evaluative judgement. In outlining and applying the criteria ensure that at least three advantages and three disadvantages of the two different approaches have been discussed.

Part B: Then clearly formulate an argument for why one approach (the eclectic or the single model) is more suitable to your country / State or Territory of context. In relation to the selected behaviour management approach and your context consider:

  • Behaviour management practices in accordance with your school / system policy and legislation.
  • Sustainability – (How do you ensure that the implemented approach continues to run over several years?) Perhaps consider professional development, communication and use of ICT to implement program objectives.
  • Inclusion of perspectives of indigenous people in the implementation of your behaviour management approach.

NOTE: Please do not utilise first person.


Adequate materials have been supplied for you to pass the course if you reference your modules, course textbook and readings. If you are striving for more than a pass you are expected to search for or use sources of information other than your course study materials when completing this assignment. You are expected to refer to the behavioural policy relevant to your educational system. You need to use APA referencing style