A study of Arab history during the 20th century


History of the Gulf and the Middle East  – LSH-2353- Research report (20%)

Reports: Each student researches and prepares a written paper on Arab history or the social and economic history of the Gulf. Oral history interviews with elders or elder relatives are especially encouraged and may be used as one or more of the sources. At least one of the sources listed should be from a scholarly book, article or journal article, either from an HCT library database or internet based archive or similar.

Suggested Topics:

  1. A study of Arab history during the 20th century:

Possible Topics: World War I and the Ottoman Empire; The Mandate System – British and French Mandates;   the 1948, 1956, 1967, 1973 Wars; the First or Second Gulf War (1991, 2003); The Iran-Iraq War (1980-89); Arabian, Gulf or UAE history in the 20th Century; Social and economic history of the Gulf; Arab intellectual achievements in the arts and literature

  1. Other topics in Arab history to be discussed with your instructor. See the One-Note for suggested resources and topics

A final paper is due in Week 13. (1,000 to 1,200 words is recommended, double spaced with source citations in APA Style), or 3-4 pages double spaced with APA source citation (at least 2 citations)

Final Paper Grading Rubric (Due Week 13)                                                                   20%

Introduction of Main Idea or Argument Research and Background Analysis Conclusion Clarity of Writing and Use of Citations or Safe Assign Total Marks Possible
1 – 5 marks 1 – 10 marks 1-10 marks 1-5 marks 1-10 40 marks or 20% total