18th century dress for Women in France

by Fiverr Tutors


History of Art and dress     

Discuss 18th century dress for women in France”


Word count:            2000 words, 10% over allowed.

Submission:             1 hard copy to Students’ Office



  • Be typed on standard A4 paper (29.7cm x 21.0cm)
  • Use Arial or Calibri font in size 11 for the main text and size 14 for headings
  • 1.5 spacing between the lines
  • There should be 20mm margins on the top, bottom and both sides of the text.
  • The hard copy must be spiral-bound, with a transparent non-coloured plastic sheet on top of the cover sheet.
  • You need to submit with 2 copies of the cover sheet that can be found on the students’ intranet or in the library. Both copies will be stamped with the date & time of submission; you will keep one for your records. These are proof that you have handed on time.      

Learning Outcomes:

LO1. Select and apply the relevant research methods to analyse the meaning of a work of art or dress in their cultural context.

LO2. Discuss the findings of an individual research in a coherent and relevant written form.

LO4. Develop skills in structuring your ideas and meeting deadlines.

Assessment Criteria

Ability to undertake research appropriate to the given brief.

The level to which students apply appropriate communication and presentation skills in visual and written forms relevant to the transmission of ideas and information.

Ability to and organise a wide range of activities and meet deadlines