Frankenstein – The Man Behind the Monster

Write a detailed analysis of the character of Victor Frankenstein, supported by close reference to the text of the novel. In your analysis, explore his relationships, attitudes, arguments and behavior to come to a conclusion about the extent of his culpability for what happens in the course of the novel.

The Disenchanted Analysis in Broken Lullaby

Discuss the aspects of a “disenchanted” (“lost illusion”) theme in Broken Lullaby (The Man I Killed) (1932)––within the thematic premises of Budd Schulberg’s The Disenchanted. The orientation of the essay should be more focused on the character issues and artistic implications raised by the film, rather than on a deep examination of the novel.

If undertaken, the resulting critical essays must conform to the following guidelines:  Critical essay topics or theses must be selected from the list below.  The analytical emphasis of the critical papers––five to seven double-spaced pages in length––must focus on the syllabus films screened in class.  Again, for emphasis:  the paper will be typed and double-spaced––and of sufficient length, typically five to seven pages––to defend and support, with intellectual cogency and research integrity, the thesis statement asserted.

Copy, Plagiarism and its Effects in School

Our subject is the broad category of copying. We will think through what it means to copy. What copying is an can do. You will use the idea of copying as a jumping-off point for your own research and writing. Research and write about one of any number of smaller areas of interest within the larger category of copying. You might research and write about instances of copyright law, plagiarism, fakes and forgeries, or music covers, to name just a few possible topics.