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                      POLICY BRIEF TEMPLATE

                        No more than 2-4 pages, 1500 words



  • Audience research –who am I writing for and why
  • Decide on key message and approach
  • Do a SWOT analysis – what are the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats surrounding the research issue.


Executive Summary


·        A one or two sentence overview of the brief that entices readers to go further




·        Answer the question why is the topic important, why should people care

·        Answer the question what were the goals of the research and overall findings

·        Create curiosity about the rest of the brief


Approaches and Results


·        Summarize facts, issues and context

·        Reduce detail to only what reader needs to know

·        Provide concrete facts or examples to support assertions




  • Base conclusions on results
  • Aim for concrete conclusions and strong assertions.


Implications and Recommendations


  • State clearly what could or should happen next.