World trade organization and its benefits (Getting the government to fight your battles for you: How firms use the WTO and its rules to their advantage)


4.3.1 Individual Report: (20%)

Topic: Getting the government to fight your battles for you: How firms use the WTO and its rules to their advantage. (20 marks)

Many multinational companies line up their governments to fight on their behalf or to fight with them against foreign rivals. Some sectors, such as selling commercial and military aircraft, power plants, and telecoms infrastructure, are dominated by state lobbying on behalf of national firms. What are the opportunities and pitfalls for national firms in engaging their governments on their behalf? In this assignment you are required to research, discuss and critically reflect the effectiveness of the different ways in which firms get their governments to advance their interests in the World Trade Organization (WTO), drawing some examples from the last ten years.
Your report will be assessed based on the following criteria:

Word count requirement: 1,600~2,000 words.


  1. Good understanding WTO’s role and its challenges
  2. Identify and understand the most relevant concepts/idea that shed light on the questions posed.
  3. A clear logical flow between paragraphs.
  4. Implications of cited cases are clearly drawn and interpreted.
  5. A clear informative introduction; succinct summary of the different ways of government facilitating business through WTO and its pros and cons of your argument in the conclusion
  6. Comprehensiveness of argument, given word limit.


  1. Present your assignment in a clear and easy to read approach. I will read your document for its content only, for not how well formatted the document is. No abstract or executive summary is necessary.
  2. Make sure your paper does not look like a list of bullet points or like a PowerPoint presentation that has been copied into Microsoft word.
  3. You should attach any relevant appendices to the assignment.
  4. Do not cut and paste out of documents on the web or elsewhere. Source material should be correctly identified and referenced. The APA of citing references is recommended.
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