Work Orientation: Plan to help us get our business in order


I am so glad to have you in the clinic!  Thanks for the work you have done the past 3 weeks!  Now, it is your turn to take the reins!  Finally a chance to put into place all of those wonderful things you learned in college!

Much to your surprise, your first morning on your own and you walk into the following situation:

  • 2 nurses failed to show up for work without calling
  • Patients have been waiting in excess of one hour and are rather vocal about their dissatisfaction
  • Patient files are not properly stored; stacks are strewn throughout the office with identifying patient information exposed
  • Your front desk assistant is texting while checking-in patients and allowing the office phones to go unanswered
  • A patient approaches you about your practice’s “Patient Rights” policies, information, to which you discover, has never been created.
  • Reports are left on your desk by the previous manager, marked “URGENT.”  You picked them up and notice that they are the financial reports for the past 3 quarters

What do you do?  What ethical issues are present?  What are the top priorities in your assessment?

As you try to get you bearings straight, I need you to develop plan to help us get our business in order.  Your plan will be a 3 page memo using Microsoft Word; (1.5 line spacing and Times New Roman 12.  Make sure you understand memo format) to me identifying the issues and potential steps to begin to fix our service issues. Remember to include a prioritization listing (as Page 3 of this document) for the issues I have identified. (HINT: Some of these issues may require immediate action).  What I am looking for here is a priority listing of these issues with a time line associated with each of them.  For example, are some of these ongoing?  Are some of these issues manageable in a week?  There is no need to restate the issue in your memo

3 pages

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