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  • Write a multi-paragraph composition, including introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion, using no less than 500 well chosen words.
  • Stick to the purpose of this assignment: to praise someone who is or has been in your life, someone who is real, someone whom you have known first-hand. Do not deviate from that purpose at all.
  • Select and organize your content deliberately to create a particular effect on a chosen reader. (Note: You must identify who your reader is in a note to me at the top of your first page. If you do not do this, you will not pass.)
  • Use paragraph options that suit your purpose. Present narrative, analyze cause/effect, classify the person into a group, separate the subject into “parts,” create comparison, contrast, or analogy, explain the meaning of a word/concept in your own way, describe the person (perhaps using the five senses), explain a process related to your subject, or use examples to illustrate your point.
  • Express yourself well, choose words carefully, use standard English, and avoid substantial errors in grammar and mechanics.
  • In keeping with the course policies, an assignment that contains any form of plagiarism will earn no credit.


  • You may write about anyone you have known first-hand.
  • You may write directly to anyone you choose, as long as you have a reason for praising a person to your chosen reader. You may address them with the second person “you.”
  • You may praise your subject for any reasons you may have for praising her/him such as beauty, intelligence, passion, character, heroism, accomplishments, abilities, etc.
  • You may write to the subject herself/himself, you may write to the class/instructor, you may write to yourself, or you may choose a specific reader other than these. You’ll be asked to identify who your intended reader is.
  • Affect your reader as you see fit (e.g., inspire, amuse, surprise, motivate, etc.).

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