Women And Online Business (Literature review)


Topic: Literature Review

Women & Online Business

-This paper should represent the critics on available material.
-Must review existing & past material
Start with GENERAL material on topic, then be more specific, then end to write on very specific nation involved
-Write from INTERNATIONAL perspective, REGIONAL, then narrow down to country

Example on Write Up Structure: Focus on Empowerment, Agency & Well Being
1) What is online business
2) What is the debate in online business for women
3) What is the empowerment of women in online business
4) What is the meaning of empowerment  in gender

Include discussion on ‘Social Familiar’ (Social + Family), Negotiating wth family, Challenges when doing business – Patriarchy/Hierarchical, The dynamics in family, There is an assumption when you are financially in control, you are in control of resources, how true is this? Include perspective from a feminist view on social impact – ‘Social Feministic’

11 pages

APA 19 References