Why is two-way communication so important in consumer relations


Final exam (100 points)

Most importantly, please go beyond quoting and reciting factual information and provide your critical perspectives. Providing specific cases to present your analysis is highly encouraged. You might need to write more than 2 paragraphs to fully discuss the questions.

Ch. 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

Ch. 9 Consumer Relations

  1. Why is two-way communication so important in consumer relations? Please discuss the importance from both theoretical and practical perspectives. Use a case (it could come from the text or current topics) to present your case. / 20 points

Ch. 10 Internal Communications

  1. How would you research the cultural, social and political structures in another country to prepare for a campaign to promote frozen pizza? Please discuss in terms of ROPE (Research, Objectives, Programming and Evluation) and its relationship with your research of the cultural, social and political structures. / 20 points

Ch. 11 Relations with Special Publics

  1. What type of research would you conduct to customize the messages and approach in reaching an audience of Hispanics living near Los Angeles? / 20 points

Ch. 12 Crisis communication.

  1. Please go back to our textbook and read Case 12-1 Deepwater Horizon and answer the following questions.
  • What were the situational antecedents that influenced public perception about the severity of the crisis? (Exam the history of successes/problems by other oil companies in similar crises. Explore previous British Petroleum oil spills.) / 5 points
  • Discuss the range of publics/audiences involved with the oil spill. (fishermen, tourism, families of those killed, local government officials, environmental communities, Coast Guard, EPA, NOAA, FEMA etc.) / 5 points
  • Discuss the impact of having a video feed showing the leak on the ocean floor. / 5 points

Ch. 13 Integrated Marketing Communication.

  1. Provide a definition for integrated marketing communication and discuss conceptual similarities and differences from public relations. / 20 points
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