White Paper on Improving the Clinic’s Image


Final project White Paper
White papers have evolved from government documents to becoming a mainstay in the business world. They can be used in marketing, to influence a decision, and to educate. For purposes of this assignment, you will construct a 1-2 page white paper that details your final project. This will enable you to create a short document that you can show to a future employer to help sell “yourself” as you demonstrate a project you have worked on.

The white paper should follow a similar format to the slides and should include the following topics:
 “Introduction”, detailing where you interned
 Description of the project
 “Significance of the Project”, detailing why your project was significant to you and to the organization
 “Significance of the Internship”, detailing how the internship was significant to you and to your future “career and competency development”
 The Impact of your project on the organization (as distinct from Significance to the Organization – why the project was initiated-‐‐ Impact on the organization should identify how the project affected or would affect organizational results)
 Specify the competencies demonstrated.

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