When an Icon Stumbles – The Ribena Issue Mismanaged


When an Icon Stumbles – The Ribena Issue Mismanaged

Tony Jaques. Corporate Communications: An International Journal 13 (4) October 2008 pp 394-406


  1. Does the case represent effective public relations practice? Support your argument here with at least two academic references. ‘Support’ means more than just listing them. It means applying what an academic source has said to back up your argument.
  2. What would have made a positive difference to the way the main case was handled. What specifically could the difference/differences have been?
  3. What lesson or lessons does this case provide to guide future public relations practice? How could other companies protect themselves from a similar situation?
  4. What should be the role of a PR/Communications professional in helping avoid such situations

Your opinions are essential. Do not just summarise the case or comment on the authors conclusions. The academic references need to be cited in proper referencing style.

For this assignment, your opinions are essential. Our expectation is that you will look for independent references to support your argument about the case, which may well be on the principles involved rather than on the Ribena case as such. These could well come from similar cases where the same issues are raised, in which case you may choose to locate a book on case studies in public relations or crisis communication. Or you may prefer to research general best practice or reference the theories from the course material and readings in Week 3 & 4. The key here is that the references need to support the point you are making.

We are not expecting you to reiterate the author’s opinion, but you are free to disagree, with reasons, if you think the author has been too harsh/too kind, or has not fully addressed a particular aspect which you feel needed further expansion.

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