What do you think of the notion that a woman of today makes a choice


The Role of a Woman

QUESTION: What do you think of the notion that a woman of today makes a choice, if she is able, between going to work and staying at home with her children? Is the fact that this is presented to woman as their choice already demanding certain things of women that are not demanded in the same way of men? If so, does this suggest that the notion that this is the choice of a women already a pressure and a playing of a role?

How does our society through its many and often opposed voices, try to influence this decision for the individual woman? What is the connection to be found that unifies all these different voices and opinions and how does the fact that so many people have something to say about it speak to you about the ways we understand women in our society?

Should be understood as an extended form of a reflection paper. I am looking for you to provide a reflective engagement with the question that demonstrates not a quickly derived answer but rather demonstrates a consideration of the question as something that is pertinent to yourself and your life. What matters in this assignment is not your answer to the question but how you got to your answer. No research is required. Be Bold and clear in your thought.