Week 7 Rites of passage for adolescents

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CHFD342 Rites of passage for adolescents

Instructions: You will decide upon any topic that is related to human development that has been discussed in the course text book for the focus of your paper. Then, you will locate 2 scholarly articles from the APUS library that are in the form of original research that represent your topic chosen. The articles chosen must have been conducted in the form of actual research with participants where results and a discussion are presented in the article. Articles that are in the form of book reviews or literature reviews are not acceptable for this assignment. Review the articles you choose carefully – if you have any doubt or questions about the articles you chose, please inquire with your instructor as to the relevancy of the articles. In your paper, please integrate the following:

  • Where, when and how was the research conducted
  • What was the purpose of the research/article?
  • What were the results or findings of the research?
  • What can be concluded from the research? Are there any future recommendations or limitations that were discussed by the authors?

After you have summarized the 2 articles, you will write your own conclusion which should be presented at the end of the paper. In your conclusion, you must address:

  • Why did the 2 research articles inspire you to want to use them in your paper?
  • What impact or potential does this research have in the ‘real world’ lives of everyday people?
  • What future directions should research in this area possibly go?

Week 7 Research Paper Grading Rubric
CHFD342 – Human Lifespan Development


Criteria Elements Within Criteria Points Possible
Content Paper included a review of 2 articles and a conclusion consistent with the assignment instructions. The paper was in-depth, thoughtful, and relevant to human lifespan development. Up to 180 points possible
Quality of Sources The paper included the use of at least 2 scholarly articles and the text book as sources within the paper. Up to 60 points possible
Paper Format The paper was formatted according to APA standards, sources were used appropriately throughout, and the paper was between 1200-1500 words. Up to 30 points possible
Writing Quality The paper was carefully proofread including few spelling and grammar issues. Up to 30 points possible
Total Points Up to 300 Points Possible

 (15% of total course grade)

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