Week 2: Week Two – Individual Work 2


Instructional Objectives for this activity:
Critique the elements responsible for differing moral standards of behavior from person to person | Business ethics are controversial given there are no universally accepted approaches for handling ethical issues when they arise. This assignment allows you to explore business ethics, right and wrong, and the conflict that may occur between your personal morals and what is deemed acceptable by the organization.Explore the online library for scholarly resources on business ethics and virtues. Using Microsoft Word, prepare a paper that discusses the following questions: * What are business ethics? * What does “right” really mean? How do you know when something is truly “right” or totally “wrong”? * Describe the virtues that are most important to fostering an ethical organization. * Describe an incident when your moral standards conflicted with someone else’s moral standards (either personally or in the workplace). What was the outcome? Would another outcome have been more desirable? If so, why?|

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