Water Depletion in the Middle East


ESEC N100 Water Depletion: A Menace to the Middle East

Part 1 – Introduce the topic

  • Describe the problem; discuss its causes and possible consequences.

Part 2 – Discuss possible remedies to the problem

  • Discuss how the problem can be reduced by the following groups:
    • Local and national government
    • Corporations
    • Organizations (NGOs)
    • Private individuals
  • Give your opinion on what will be the best method for reducing the problem and why.

Part 3 – Bibliography

  • At least three sources in APA format must be included.
  • Each referenced source must be cited in the text.
  • One of the sources should be a non webpage source – the library database, a periodical or book.


Marking Criteria

Name: __________________________

Number: ________________________

Task Completion                             score _____ /4

  • 500 – 800 words
  • An appropriate environmental topic was chosen
  • The student covered the parts of the assignment sheet in sufficient detail and depth

Writing                                                                 Score _____/3

  • A score of 1 for an overall writing band IELTS band of 5.25 or blow
  • A score of 2 for 5.5 to 5.75
  • A score of 3 if the writing band is 6.0 or more

Referencing                                       Score _____/3

  • The student cites at least 3 sources where needed in the text
  • The student includes his sources in the bibliography
  • The student is using correct APA formatting
  • At least one source is not a webpage

Score out of 10 = ________ (place score in grade book out of 100)


If student cuts and pastes text from another source he should receive 0 regardless of referencing.

If a student submits a report that is completely unrelated to the task he should receive 0.

All student submissions must be checked with Safe Assign


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