Volunteer Experience: Understanding the population you assist in providing services


Service Project Guidelines

  • The purpose of this assignment: Understanding the population you assist in providing services in important. This is an opportunity for you to serve and work with the people in the facilities you will be studying.
  • You are responsible to provide at least 10 hours of documented community service with an agency, institution, or facility that serves older adults (65 years or older).  Documented service hours means that the individual supervising your volunteer hours must physically sign verifying your hours served. No other format is acceptable. (For example: no electronic signature, letter head without signatures are not acceptable). If I cannot read it, it will be zero. Attach your signed documentation of services hours to your paper and submit in the appropriate assignment tab. Your paper should be formatted as follows:

Name (last, first)
Place of service:
Hours of service:
Supervisor and phone number:
Brief description of experiences: (400-500 words). Writing should reflect logical flow and maturity in writing style, reflecting college level expertise. It is expected to be free of grammatical and spelling errors.

Proposed Outline
I.    Introduction:
II.    LTC Setting – (This section is brief, no more than 5-8 sentences, and may be included in the introduction)
a.    Describe the setting
b.    Clients/families services
c.    Service offerings
III.    Your volunteer experience – (this is the most important part of your paper; I expect that at least 2/3 of your paper is in this section).
a.    Student volunteer duties
b.    Student reflection of experience
IV.    Conclusion – (Please summarize in 5-8 sentences, A concluding paragraph is not one sentence)
V.    Reference the documentation of the setting, supervisor, contact information (phone and address), and hours of service


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