US Mach39 PR Crisis (Draft version)


Case Study (individual or pair, 400 points): The centerpiece of this course is the writing of a case study based on a current crisis or issue that an organization/company has been faced with. Your case should be written in the format of the Arthur W. Page Society’s Case Competition call. Visit the website for more information about the format and the winning cases in the recent years.

Research (100 points) due by Sept 16

  • Goals and Objectives (50 points) due by Sept 30
  • Planning (Strategies and Tactics identified and used) (100 points) Due by Nov 1
  • Evaluation (100 Points) Due Nov 16
  • Presentation (50 points)

Topic: you may choose one from these two below:

  1. 70th anniversary of the end of WWII of sprit 45 look for basic information see the link below:

  1. US Mach39


You MUST follow the following elements-research, objectives, planning and evaluation to analyze how the Campaign worked, how the Campaign communicated with its targeted publics, how the Campaign did its research, how good/bad its objectives (both on Impact and Output objectives), planning and evaluation progress.

13 Pages

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