Unfair Dismissal: Cases


Unfair Dismissal: Cases

The impact of job satisfaction and employee turnover affects the overall performance of an organisation. In the contemporary business environment unfair dismissal claims have been an issue since ages. This issue not only harms an organisation’s reputation but also hampers employee motivation. This assignment describes dismissals and the situations where a dismissal is considered to be an unfair dismissal. It reviews different views of different authors and different theories related to dismissals such as the psychological contract and organisational justice theory. Further it discusses major issue for the future such as outsourcing, technological developments, voluntary exit, involuntary exit, organisational restructuring and motivated exit. This assignment has shown various organisational examples (denoted by Ex) for better understanding about the topic.

Table of Contents:


  • Introduction 1
    • Dismissal 1
    • Unfair Dismissal 1
      • Types of Unfair Dismissals                                                                2
        • Wrongful Dismissal 2
        • Constructive Dismissal                                                          2
        • Automatically Unfair Dismissal 2
      • Detailed discussion about the grounds for fair & unfair dismissal 3
      • Constituents of unfair dismissal 6
    • Consequences of unfair dismissal                                                            7
      • Impact on Psychological Contract 7
      • Economical Impact 7
      • Impact on Organisation Environment                                                             8
    • Major Issues of the Future 9
      • Recent trends in termination              9
      • Technological Development            10
      • Organisational Restructuring            10
      • Outsourcing                                                                                               10
      • Collective Bargaining                                                                                   11
    • Conclusion            11
    • Recommendation            12
    • List of References            13
    • Bibliography            18

List of Figures:

Fig.1 Grounds for Fair Dismissal                                                                                                3

Fig.2 The Psychological Contract                                                                                                7

Fig.3 Organisational Justice Model                                                                                 8

Fig.4 The Dismissal Decision Model                                                                               12