UC Book of the Year Question


  1. UC Book of the Year Question: Are governments effective at protecting our freedoms by protecting us from each other? Discuss, drawing upon the concepts taught in this unit and using examples from the UC Book of the Year, Room, to support your argument. Please reference Room using page numbers in the same way you would a normal academic publication. Each individual reference to Room will count as one reference (as part of the minimum of 10 references rule).
  2. Should the Australian Government privatise Medibank? Discuss, drawing upon news media reports and the concepts taught in this unit.
  3. Do international institutions such as the WTO and the OECD help or hinder economic development in developing nations? Discuss, incorporating or countering the “democratic deficit” argument.
  4. Are passive industry policies more effective than anticipatory industry policies? Discuss, using examples from the recent Global Financial Crisis and drawing upon news media reports, the concepts taught in this unit and other countries.

Students are required to write a summative  of 1,500 words, answering one of the questions. Tt is expected that you now comprehend the standard of work required to write a sound academic. Employing the lessons and standards learnt

Important Notices: A minimum of 10 different references is required. Be careful using the Internet – it offers information, sometimes wildly inaccurate, while also not necessarily providing a strong critical analysis. The use of encyclopaedia-style Web sources (for example http://www.wikipedia.org/ and www.thefreedictionary.com) is NOT acceptable at this level of study and any instance of using such references will attract a fail grade. To receive a Distinction grade or above, you will need to draw upon academic journals, texts and high-quality references, and exceed the minimum standards.

Students must submit via Moodle in Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF document format. Include a list of references at the end of the paper (in alphabetical order by author surname) which is presented in a recognised Author/Date referencing system (see http://canberra.libguides.com/referencing). Please note that the requirements for referencing set out in this unit may be different from examples provided in the referencing guides. Where there is a conflict about the style of referencing (for example the use of page numbers), you are required to follow the unit outline.

Students MUST write in the third person for all assessment items in this unit. Writing in the third person is a formal writing skill which you must practise while undertaking this unit. If you do not write in the third person will be heavily penalised.

Word Count Rules: The word count is conducted by using the word count function in Microsoft Word by highlighting the first word of the first sentence to the last word of the last sentence. The word count includes all in-text references and quotes but does not include the title or the reference list. Plus or minus 10% leeway is given for the word count, for example must be between 1350-1650 words. Markers will ignore those parts of that exceed the word limit, and which are under the word limit will be considered as not representing a completed assessment task. Excessive use of quotes will be heavily penalised. Writing to a set word count is a requirement in almost every profession, and presenting an argument within the bounds of a word count demonstrates partial achieving of Learning Outcome 5.


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