Training Summary


I hope that you enjoyed your training.  For this weeks submission, I want you to reflect on the 2 presentations you attended and address the following items that were discussed.

From the Sinek Video: (Links to an external site.)

What did  he say about the “Feeling of Fulfillment”?
What was the purpose behind his discussion of how we replace our time and our energy?
He mentions Vulnerability and Risk.  What are our responsibilities as leaders and how do we fulfill them?
What does he say about trust?
What is your impression of his “clear destination” example from a leadership perspective?

From the Maxwell Video :
What is the Law of the lid?
How do we lift the lid?
What is the Law of Magnetism?
What are the pillars for Maxwell’s Rule of 5?  Include examples and personal reflection on each one. (I am not looking for a definition of these  pillars)
Finally, take a minute to identify any parallels between these speakers and the writings of James Hunter.  Not too much though as you will be reflecting on the Hunter book as a whole at the end of the semester.

This document will be in Microsoft Word  I will be paying close attention to grammar and spelling on this submission

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