Training and Development for Manager


I want you to identify, research, write, and reflect upon training and development, as well as identifying areas of personal importance to you as a manager. I want you to formulate and articulate coherent stances, determine how these stances can be translated into practice, indicate ways to evaluate effective practice, and set goals with action plans for improvement in each area.

1 page single spaced- not ½ page, not 1 ½ pages

In other worlds-

  1. Describe how topics and cases make sense to you.
  2. Apply the topic to your own experiences.
  3. Set a goal for your skill development in the topic area.

For the experience part:
Situation of an English teacher in who teach in elementary school. Like they training them by let the teacher attend some courses and exams to improve their abilities in English language and to develop their abilities in new teaching methods to be ready for any new ways of teaching.

Category Description
Topic Explain the theoretical foundations and basic facts
Reflection & thoughtfulness of content Critical thinking; Articulate well-justified personal stances regarding issues discussed
Written communication Grammar & spelling; Flow
Professionalism Degree of professionalism in written communication
Creative thinking Degree of creative thinking present in reflection & application
Application Apply knowledge of organizational phenomena to organizational situations
Goals Clear, specific, measurable goals
Length 1 single-spaced page (not ½, not 1 ½)
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