Traffic flow and public transport in North Cyprus (Lefkosa) alternative Planning


Nowadays one of the most issue affect our daily life, load on Economic, and the negative effects on Environment is Traffic flow and their way of been plan, they way of our public transport planning, services lines, bus station and the regulation are also effect the life quality in the city. In the last, few decades’ streets in the city have built without any attention to grow population and the increasing number of vehicles. What the main important changes have to be for increasing the traffic flow. Why have to be done. this paper will talk about the ideas can solve problem by change the line of public transporting for more covering area and less traffic, by experimentally study and a interview with the users of the road ( drivers and public users). The new alternative system show how the traffic flow change. Further study has to done for more developing solution. Keyword: traffic flow, public transport. Quality of services, Lefkosa city (North Cyprus)
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