TQM strategies and addressing external compliance requirements

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Topic: TQM strategies and addressing external compliance requirements (such as ISO- or TS-based audit).

Each student will write a research paper integrating legitimate literature. Using the EMU electronic databases other legitimate research source, find at least 5 articles addressing the approved topic. Use 3 or more from outside the class reading. Please avoid commercial websites or many of the sites available through Google or other general search engines. Google Scholar is acceptable – use Google Scholar as an electronic database through the EMU Library.  Sources on the web may, or may not be legitimate. EMU database sources have been evaluated by reviewers and editors. Review http://www.emich.edu/library/help/a3bcd/index.php. Good database systems include (but are not limited to) AB/I, Science Direct, and Emerald. You should avoid commercial/consulting websites who are primarily relating success stories to sell their “wares”.

These sources should present a balanced viewpoint.  At least two of the sources should be based on original data; using ABI/Inform this means using classification code 9130. Articles with original data must be indicated in the reference list. No source should predate 1990.

Write a 5 – 7 page paper (double spaced 12 point font) evaluating the research. You should find the sources and integrate them into a narrative with your own conclusion. Your conclusion will summarize the key ideas and value of the cited sources as well as your opinion on the topic addressed.

All papers must contain: title page, introduction, main text, conclusion, and appropriate documentation of sources (cite 9130 or equivalent code).  All facts, quotations, and paraphrases should be documented as to original source.

Plagiarism – deliberate and knowing use of someone else’s work or ideas as one’s own. Examples of plagiarism are: quoting a source verbatim, or paraphrasing text from a given source, without properly citing the source…or failing to give credit for ideas or materials taken from someone else. Please review:  http://www.emich.edu/library/help/integratingsources.php

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