Tools HR Professionals may use


Information: This exam is comprised of five essay questions (20 points each) that coincide with the five course learning outcomes and one BONUS question (10 points). The maximum possible score is 110 points.  Name the file by replacing “Lname” with your last name and upload completed exam in your Webtycho assignment folder by the deadline.

be comprehensive and discuss all relevant and related aspects to answer the question thoroughly. Type your response in the grey text box provided (just click on the grey box and begin typing).  NOTE: Size of the grey text box does not represent size of expected response; the box will expand as you type. The box is intentionally formatted for single spaced responses.  Make sure responses are commensurate with point values, 20 point responses range from 1-2 pages and 10 point responses range from .25 to .5 of a page.

  1. Describe specific methods, processes, or tools HR Professionals may use to produce a working environment that is safe, fair, compliant with applicable regulations, and where all employees are motivated and valued.
  2. Describe specific practices, principles, or methodologies HR Professionals may use to capitalize on diversity within an organization (or recruit diversity into an organization) to successfully position the organization in the global marketplace
  3. Describe an effective and efficient total rewards program for a fictional organization and discuss how an efficient and effective total rewards program contributes to the success of an organization
  4. Describe an effective and efficient training and development program for a fictional organization and discuss how an efficient and effective training and development program creates competitive advantage?
  5. Describe how the HR function fulfills its role as a strategic partner within an organization and why it is important for HR to be part of strategy formulation and implementation processes?
  6. BONUS: Out of all the HRM concepts, principles, and tools covered in this course, which SINGLE tool, concept, or principle did you find most useful and why?  How will you use this tool, concept, or principle in the future (in your current organization or personal/home environment)?
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