Think about a new product that has recently been introduced to the marketplace



Question 1:

Think about a new product that has recently been introduced to the marketplace, or of which you have just become aware. This product has probably been presented to the public by a combination of public relations, marketing, and advertising. Explain in detail how each of these tools was used to provide information to get consumers interested in the product.

Question 2:

For the product you chose for the previous question, choose one traditional integrated marketing method and one 21st-century integrated marketing method that you believe would be most effective for marketing this product. Justify your choices.

Question 3:

Find on the Internet a successful Website for a business you patronize, and study the strategic questions it answers. Identify and describe how these strategic questions were addressed when developing a Website.

Question 4:

Many businesses are taking advantage of social networks to reach customers. Choose a company that you admire. This may be the same company you discussed in the previous topic, or it may be a different company. Describe how the company is currently taking advantage of social media outlets. Explain in detail how and why you think this use of social media is either helping or hurting the company.

Question 5:

From Link below, determine the financial measure you believe to be the most important and the one that is least important to potential investors. Support your answer. Compare and contrast the two financial measures you selected according to the needs of hypothetical investors.

Question 6:

Consider the needs of investors and the needs of business owners. Examine how investors’ use of financial ratios might differ from owners’ use of financial ratios. Determine ways that their use of financial ratios might be similar.

Question 7:

Determine and describe the key points you would make in an investor’s presentation to the following audiences: bankers, angel investors, VC partners, suppliers, and potential key employees. Determine which audience might prove to be the most difficult. Support your answer.

Question 8:

Consider the five different audiences to seek funding from: bankers, angel investors, VC partners, suppliers, and potential key employees. Rank these audiences from one to five, according to the order in which you would seek funding from each. Support your answer with an explanation of the factors that you used to determine the order of the five audiences on the list.

Question 9:

Describe a time in which you were not attracted to a person because of his or her looks but later changed your mind. Explain the reasons for the change of opinion.

Question 10:

Contrast at least two (2) characteristics, as highlighted in the textbook, men and women use to evaluate attractiveness in the opposite sex. Discuss at least two (2) possible reasons for the differences.

Question 11:

Use the Strayer Library to research at least two (2) peer-reviewed articles that discuss criminal cases involving domestic violence.

Question 12:

From the articles researched in question 11, describe the role of law enforcement in domestic violence disputes. Suggest at least two (2) ways law enforcement could address domestic violence disputes more effectively. Support your response with examples or evidence from your researched articles.

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