Theory of interest – Loanable funds theory


Theory of interest – Loanable funds theory

irst: enter this in the link bar:

then on the right hand side click for Ch. 14, it will automatically bring you to the
module. , click on origin of idea

Dropbox Assignments: After completing your readings in the text go to the Online Learning Center (click here).  Upload to the Week 7 Dropbox your answers to the following exercises:

>Using the Chapter 14 “Origin of Idea” module, identify those who gave us the first “theory of interest” and briefly summarize this “loanable funds” theory in your own words.
> Identify at least one important Entrepreneur that you would consider an “Entrepreneurial Legend” and state why you consider the person to be (or have been) exemplary. Your reason for selecting the person should include examples of managerial economics and should include other criteria such as social responsibility and ethics.  Remember to cite your authority.


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