Theory of Equity Application in Marriage

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7 pages of applying communication theory to phenomena .

The scenario can be from book, media, or even real life

Final Paper Assignment: Students will select one or more communication theories and apply the theory to a specific communication phenomenon. The theory will be used to explain the human interaction or phenomenon under examination in the paper. The paper will be 7 to 10 pages in length and will follow the standards for writing a research paper as stated in APA style manual.

The introductory paragraph will start with a problem (or a human communication problem) and the paper will evolve from there by focusing on the nature of the problem as it relates to human interaction. Next the theory to be applied to the scenario with a problem embedded in it will be summarized with the inclusion of some background on the theory. Next the human interaction or scenario to be examined through the lens of the selected theory is summarized. Finally, the theory is applied to the scenario with a discussion of what the theory predict will happen, occur, appear, and result.

Cite the sources of all information used to support the opinions, findings, explanations, and discussions linked to this assignment. When citing research use APA rules.

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