Thematic materials


Thematic materials
Educational technology is best used in an educational context. The context may address a specific content focus or may be interdisciplinary. This assignment involves developing educational materials related to a theme that will be adopted by the class for this term. The materials include original digital media with guidelines for their use by learners. The materials will be submitted and shared in Blackboard In addition, they may be made available for broad educational use.

Thematic materials checklist:

  • Audience (adult, k-12 grade levels)
  • Connection to theme and rationale for materials
  • Content standards addressed
  • Instructions for teachers and students
  • Original digital media, such as presentation, web page, video, audio, etc.
  • Learning assessment method

Thematic Materials Rubric 100 points

Value 15 25
Completeness Incomplete, lacking 2 or more items All items present
Standards and thematic connections Connection between theme and all standards and activities not evident Connection between theme and all standards and activities evident
Quality of activities, instructions and assessments Activities are not important, engaging, or justified; instruction is unclear Activities are important, engaging, and justified; instructions are clear
Digital media Media are inappropriate for goal or are of poor quality; media do not enhance instruction

Media support goals, are of high quality; media enhance instruction