The Society and Women in the Song Dynasty


Even though this is critical review paper, this paper should be more like a thinkpiece!! Please please avoid story telling as much as possible!! Please write more on your own thought and reflection about the readings!!!

Topic: The Society and Women in the Song Dynasty

You can write about any aspect of the readings.  Post your thoughts, questions, or reflections on any aspect of the readings. Make sure to directly reference the texts wherever appropriate. Use parenthetical notes that include the author and page: (Hansen, 123).

The Hansen’s article should be read first, and is meant to provide a general introduction to the Song period in China. The other two pieces are primary sources that in some way depict issues of family and/in scholarly society in the Song dynasty.

Paying special attention to the issues faced by women during this period and the society during this period. In my own opinion, i think aside from some minor issues like women’s rights, the Song Dynasty was pretty close to what an ideal society was like.

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