The Plan of the Modern House PPT


The PowerPoint presentation talks about Le Corbusier, his buildings, and the concepts of To Classify, To Dimension and To Circulate in architecture

You need to read the reading and produce a critical and creative response to it in the form of a power point presentation. The presentation has to be in a way that successfully engage the audience and provoke discussion.

Important Points:

1. Length of presentation: 10 mins

2. ONLY read the Introduction, To Classify, To Dimension and To Circulate section of the reading and make the slides according to those sections. The rest of the reading is not required.

3. Start the presentation with Who is Le Corbusier? (The Author of the reading) Put his picture and give a brief bio and information about him: 1-2 mins

4. Show his buildings (5-6 Images) and talk briefly about them.

5. Then start talking about the reading and point out the ideas mentioned in the reading. It is also required to show the buildings he mentioned in his reading and try to point out the main concepts throughout the reading with reference to those buildings and talk about them.

It is also important to analyse the reading and produce 1 or 2 pages reference text according to the slides so that I understand what I am going to talk about. (Slide Notes)

18 slides