The Natural: How do people fight back against ownership/management

by Fiverr Tutors


Need Quotes from Book The Natural and Fences with Page Numbers.
incorporate at least 3-5 outside library sources… these should be expert sources that have key insite into the issues of workers and owners you are discussing in your paper.  Sources might range from literary critics to sociologists to labor statistics from the Federal Government.

Understand that there are many viable sources out there.  But there are also many bad ones.  This is why I say use the library databases.  Googling your sources is likely to provide you with many unreliable sites.  For instance, you should not be using wikipedia or any encyclopedia as a source.  These are sources of general knowledge.  You are looking for sources of specific and expert knowledge. Anyone can go to wikipedia, for instance, and write up a page.  You don’t want just anyone to be your source.

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