The Native and European Concept of Warfare


Ariel- 12 point. Microsoft Word. Turiban or Chicago Style. Cover Page to include Title of Paper, my name and HIST 340.

Textbook for the class: American Military HIstory: A survey from Colonial Times to the Present by William Allison, Jeffrey Grey, and Janet Valentine.

This is a paper to cover North American colonization and expansion time period.

Working Thesis: From the earliest Native and colonial American encounters, a clash of ideologies, practices, religious beliefs, and modes of warfare regarding land and sovereignty left the indigenous people in a weakened position in their struggle for survival.

  1. I.European Worldview
    • Pre-Colonization Ideology –
    • Colonization
    • American Colonial Leaders
  2. Native Worldview
    • Pre-Colonization History
    • Colonization from Native Perspective
    • Native Leaders
  3. Evolution of Native Policies and Tactics and Responses
    • New England Colonies
    • Southern Colonies
    • Middle Colonies
    • United Colonies and Native Responses
  4. Conclusion
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