The Literature Review of 3D Printing in Education


3D Printing in Education Literature Review

Use the Carpenter Library website to locate current journal articles (past 3-5 years) in peer-reviewed journals.  I found over 10,000 articles using the search term “3D printing in education,” limited to peer reviewed journals from 2010 to 2016. You may consider narrowing your review to:

  • •         specific curricular areas
  • •         the impact of 3D printing on student learning
  • •         adoption of 3D printers in educational settings
  • •         the use of 3D design tools for student learning
  • •         the overall influence of 3D printing in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (and Art and design if you wish to add it)
  • •         how libraries are utilizing and controlling student/patron 3D printing
  • •         the use of 3D printing for special needs populations, including ELL students
  • •         other instructor approved topics

Write a 7-8 page (not including cover and reference pages) literature review using APA formatting. A good source for the APA style can be found at the OWL website:

Category 10 5 1
Reference Sources Information is gathered from multiple, peer-reviewed sources. Information is gathered from a limited number of sources Information is gathered from a single source, or non-peer reviewed sources
Topic Well organized, demonstrates logical sequencing and structure. Weakly organized with no logical sequencing or structure. No organization, sequencing, or structure.
Writing Writing is in a scholarly voice, There is 1 or less grammatical/spelling/punctuation errors. Writing is in a semi-scholarly voice, There are 3-5 grammatical/spelling/punctuation errors. Writing is not in a scholarly voice, There are more than 5 grammatical/spelling/punctuation errors.
Length Adheres to 7-8 page criteria. Exceeds or does not meet 7 – 8 page criteria by ½ to 1 page. Exceeds or does not meet 7– 8 page criteria by more than 1 page.
Reference Page Information is cited properly and in APA format. Information is cited, but has errors. Information is not cited or is cited incorrectly.

8 Pages

APA 9 References

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