Finance Investment Banking Industry Analysis

The purpose of this assignment is to analyze an investment banking company.

Goldman Sachs has been a benchmark for the investment banking industry. How has the company performed since the recession ended in 2010? Analyze the company’s financial results in 2011-14.

The analysis is to include a review of recent income statements and balance sheets. Ratio analysis should also be included. Company financial statements, company ratios, and industry ratios can be found at

Annual statements can be found at:

Search for 10-K. These are the annual statements filed by public companies.

Use the Fundamentals and Financials sections in CSIMarket along with other sections as needed. Information on sources of the revenues and comparisons to competitors is also available.

The assignment is to be 1-3 pages, typed and single spaced. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation will be graded along with the content of the assignment.

The assignments are to be sent in a plain, simple, easy-to-read Word and Excel file if needed. Include your name at the top of each document. Follow the Instructions for Assignments requirements and Reference Format.

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