The Effects of Violence Video Game on Adolescents

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The Effects of Violence video game on adolescents

Paper Assignment.

This paper is all about conciseness. Specifically how to be concise and still tell the story appropriately.

It is actually a paper with a certain word limit that one with no word count limitations.

Here are some specific instructions:

  1. MLA format, please which includes double spacing, appropriate headings and if necessary, works cited.
  2. Remember! Don’t use 5 words when 3 words will do. Especially in this situation when the word count is limited to 250 words. NO more than 250 words to tell this story!
  3. Remember! A title is important!
  4. If you do have a works cited then those citations do not count in the word count but the in text citations do count in the word count!
  5. Who is the audience? I would like you to imagine that this paper will appear on your blog and then will be picked up by a newspaper. The audience is then anyone who reads blogs so it must be interesting and a bit flashy. However, if it is picked up by a newspaper then it needs to also be in language that everyone would understand. Therefore, if you use slang, then it needs to be in quotation marks and then explained.
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