The effects of population growth on sustainable development

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The effects of population growth on sustainable development.

Write a the paper to cover examples of different countries (developing countries mostly) economic development following periods of population growth. Establish a position on whether or not population growth leads to environmental degradation. I would like to talk about population trends. I would also like the paper to cover the relationship between population and income (do rich people or poor people represent the population growth?). Also tie population growth into urban migration, meaning that many people have migrated to cities. With all of these points please reference specific countries and statistics. This is for a 400 level undergraduate economics course and the book is called and introduction to sustainable development by rogers jalal and boyd. It needs to have atleast 4 sources that are not from the internet.Please quality work, include some graphs

Please download this pdf rogers jalal and boyd and use it as your main source and

An Introduction to Sustainable Development – iSites

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