The Christian Life: According to Romans 8, the Spirit is integral to our sanctification.


BIBL 425: Research paper Topics

Write a 10–15-page theological, exegetical research paper on 1 of the following topics in Romans:

  • The Christian Life: According to Romans 8, the Spirit is integral to our sanctification. What does Paul teach about the relationship between the indwelling Spirit and Christian obedience (or sanctification)? Consider Paul’s teaching regarding the two regimes, the offering of our bodies to God, and the transformation of the believer (Rom 6, 7, and 12). In consideration of Paul’s teaching in Romans about the living the Christian life, include the following sections using appropriate subheadings according to Turabian:
    • Definition – how is the term sanctification defined by scholars? What is your own definition based on your research?
    • Basis – what is sanctification based or grounded on, that is, what is necessary to have happened or to be true in order for sanctification to be possible?
    • Means – How does one obtain sanctification? What is the means by which one is sanctified?
    • Time factors – Is sanctification an instantaneous act or a gradual process?
    • Results/fruits – Once one is sanctified/begins the process of sanctification, what benefits or results follow?
    • Assurance – How can one be assured of sanctification? How can one have assurance that he or she is sanctified/being sanctified?

Only the words in bold (above) should appear as the subheadings. Be sure to thoroughly analyze what the apostle Paul teaches in his letter to the Romans about the subheadings and questions listed above. This paper must be based on theological and exegetical research.

Your paper must systematically present the topic of choice (from the list of Research Paper Topics) and exegete the salient passages from the book of Romans. In addition, your paper will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  1. Structure/Organization – The paper must be well-organized. Use subheadings to indicate major topics. Build your paper on topical paragraphs. Paragraphs must be coherent and lead to the overall cohesiveness of the paper, building upon one another and leading to a strong/persuasive conclusion. Format the paper according to the current edition of Kate Turabian’s Manual for Writers.
  2. Content – The paper must meet the minimal criteria of 10–15 pages (see next section below). It must demonstrate serious and critical interaction with scholarly, research-oriented sources. It must clearly focus on the topic at hand and demonstrate an acute understanding of the topic as it is presented in the book of Romans. It must coherently present and discuss the topic at hand. It must demonstrate an awareness of the assumed reader/audience. It must maintain a consistent argument and line of reasoning throughout the paper. Each premise must be substantially supported.
  3. Grammar/Mechanics – This includes sentence fluency; sentences must be coherent, unified, and varied. Be sure your sentences are complete and make use of excellent grammar. Also, vary sentence style so that the paragraphs are not wooden, stiff, and monotonous. Be aware of verb-noun agreement, tense agreement, etc. Be sure spelling, punctuation, and grammar are correct and consistent.

In addition to thoroughly analyzing what the book of Romans has to say about the topic, the paper must be typed and must include a title page (see above), footnotes, and a bibliography. Consult and interact with at least 10 published scholarly sources. Only published sources may be used. The Holy Bible, dictionaries/lexicons, and concordances must be utilized, but they are not counted in the minimum number of sources. These are simply understood components of research. These types of sources do not need to be included in the bibliography. Cite Bible references parenthetically within the body of the paper following the quotation, paraphrase, summary, or allusion. Cite reference works in footnote citations.

A few clarifications should be made regarding acceptable sources for this research paper. First, the sources you consult for your paper must be published sources. That is, they are published by reputable academic publishers as opposed to private essays, blogs, student papers, etc. Second, it is essential that you consult research-oriented sources. These are works that directly relate to your thesis and the biblical text you are exegeting. Avoid the practice of writing that “so and so quotes so and so” except in those instances in which you are referring to a work in a foreign language and you are consulting the translation of that work. Third, your sources must be scholarly/academic. These are works that are composed by reputable scholars in their given fields of study. They are research oriented and targeted to an academic audience. These include not only books, but peer-reviewed journal articles. For example, scholarship related to the book of Romans would include works by Douglas Moo, Thomas Schreiner, James D. G. Dunn, N. T. Wright, F. F. Bruce, and the like.

Consult the current edition of Kate Turabian’s Manual for Writers in regard to electronic and online sources. Consult your instructor in regard to specific electronic and internet sources you wish to utilize in your research.

The style of the Research Paper must follow the current edition of Kate Turabian’s Manual for Writers. The use of footnotes is required. The 10–15-page length requirement refers to text only (i.e., it does not include the title page, contents/outline, bibliography, footnotes, appendices, etc.). While you may include an outline page, it is not required. Type your paper using double-spaced 12-point Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins. If you pad your paper with irrelevant material, large fonts, blank spaces, wide margins, etc., you will experience a severe grade reduction.

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