The Case Study: “Case Alicia and Montford”


BSHS/395: The Case Study:
“Case Alicia and Montford”
About a year ago, Alicia and Montford, ages 6 and 7, moved into the New Horizon homeless shelter for families. They have been living there with their mom and dad for the past six months. The family may only stay at the shelter until the end of the month. The assistant principal at the local elementary school just called you to ask for assistance. Both Alicia and Montford are not performing very well in school and they are constantly fighting with their classmates and with their teachers. Neither of the children can read at grade level. Both have low math scores, and they have limited social skills. For example, yesterday Montford hit a kindergarten girl because she broke in line in front of him. He told his teacher to “go to hell” when she took him to the principal’s office. He never completes his work and never brings his homework to school. If the teacher sends a report home for his mom and dad to sign, he does not return the form. Alicia tries to fade into the background at school, and she is equally unresponsive. She will not talk in class to her classmates or to her teacher. She just sits in the classroom and stares or puts her head on her desk. At recess she sits in the corner by herself. If she is made to play with the other children, she cries and runs off .
Because the state tests begin in the next month, the teacher and the principal are concerned about Alicia’s and Montford’s scores. The school has been on probation because of the regulations from the No Child Left Behind Act. Every score is important to the school administration. You, as the mental health services coordinator, have been called to talk with the parents about motivating these two children.

-A problem-solving strategy and a goal for each problem
-The services, resources, and supports the client may need, and why he or she may need them
-A description of how goals are measurable and realistically attainable for the client

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