The border patrol state


  1. Silko, L. (1994). The border patrol state. (Cover story).Nation, 255(12), 412-416


It is easy to think about the illegal alien issueas a non-human problem, but every day there are plenty of good, hard-working, and otherwise law abiding peopleillegally crossing America’s borders just looking for a betterway to support their families, to be safein their communities, and to havebetter opportunities for themselvesand for their children. Of course, there are also plenty of people illegally crossing America’a borders who have less than noble intentions.

  1. After reading the above articles, how has your impression of this issue changed?
  2. How have our efforts at controlling the border backfired? How have they been successful?
  3. Of all of the plans to thwart the illegal problem presentedby our various leaders, what seems to be the more logical plan? Why?
  4. As a nation built of immigrants, do we truly have a right to prevent other hard-working, industrious people from migrating to our nation? If so, how do we choose who deserves access and who should be denied a place in American society?

75-200 words

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