The Best Vest Shoes Marketing Plan


The Best Vest Shoes Marketing Plan (BU 220: Principles of Marketing)

Executive Summary

The marketing plan that is set for The Best Shoes Company plans on doing online advertising and open more locations of where the shoes will be sold.  This company will offer multiple discounts and rewards to its loyal customers.  Sales will increase as the company develops and will branch outside of the US more as the company grows.  New exciting products will be added to the company brand with even more exciting styles and comfort.

Paper Contents

Part I: Situational Analysis

  • Internal Analysis
  • Market Description
  • Competitor A (DaGodd)
  • Competitor B (Samantha’s Shoes)
  • Current Marketing Mix
  • The Organization’s SWOTT Analysis

Part II:  Market Analysis

  • Objectives and Issues
  • Marketing Strategy

8 Pages

BUS 499 WK 10 Assignment 5 – Walmart

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